Beverly Hills Commercial

This Beverly Hills Commercial facelift at the West Coast offices of Gibson included a sound stage area. Gibson was so pleased we were asked to construction manage their projects in other states. This was a general commercial tenant improvement in the City of Beverly Hills.




Beverly Hills Commercial Tenant Improvement

Gibson Guitar's Corporate Office, Showroom and Sound Stage Face Lift.

This old turn of the century retro building in Beverly Hills, houses Gibson Guitar show room and corporate offices. The concrete floors, steel beam and rough wood trussed ceilings bring an open creative vibe to this amazing space. Contrasting finishes, colors and texture open your mind to something from the past with a new crisp feel. A live sound stage, acoustically engineered recording rooms, private practice rooms and offices surround and complement the main show room.

Entrance   Gibson Guitar, the icon of the music industry gets a face lift.
Old and new collides in an old 20s building.   Showroom
different angle   The sound doors in the back lead to the new live recoding room.
New stage to set the tone.   New Sound Stage
Sound Stage   Paint, signage , sound … lets go.
Now playing live at Gibson Beverly Hills.   Sitting Area